Dietblog: Weigh in no. 7

OK – I knew this week wasn’t going to be good. Working on my Indexing test – meant I spent a lot of time staring at my computer screen and doing little else. I didn’t shower, I barely went to the loo. I did pretty well not eating crap, considering, but I certainly didn’t have three square meals a day with appropriate balance of free and superfree foods. In fact, I think I actually had less syns than on most other weeks so far this year – but less good stuff too. So I was expecting a gain, and was enormously relieved that it wasn’t more than it turned out to be.

I have been being pretty good with the gym recently anyway – so there’s also that chance that I’m converting a bit of flab to muscle too – which will impact the weightloss. I’m feeling fitter and healthier – and it certainly helps my mood when I get there. If I could go every day I’d be skippy the kangaroo.

I’ll write more about the great effort to come of the happy pills another day. It’s just started to get interesting. But for now:

Weight loss last week: 2lbs
Weight gain this week: 0.5lbs
Total weight loss so far: 9.5lbs

Pounds to go to first target: 18


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