Dietblog – Weigh ins no.s 8 & 9

Ahoy there me hearties.  Coming into the third month of this diet thingummyjiggery, and feeling ok I suppose. I wouldn’t say whoop de do – it’s not as if the weight is tumbling off me in great chunks. The small gains here and there are disheartening, but I can’t say I don’t know why I haven’t done so well on those weeks. It’s either not trying hard enough to have that good balance of different good foods, or it’s simple excess of booze.

Funny tonight in class, there were all these laminated posters out showing all the different things you could have for 10 syns or under – say if you wanted something cheesy, or chocolatey or something.  Most were quite good – showing how many more of one thing you could have than another. But I wasn’t convinced by the one that suggested that instead of a pint of lager you had 10 tomato juice coctails.  If you want lager – tomato juice is just not going to satisfy the same urges. (Never mind that it’s utterly minging anyway)  My how my ears pricked up when she said she was investigating reports that Sainsbury’s new low cal lager might be 1 syn per can. Sounds a bit too good to be true to me.

My other half came along to class last week for the free tasting party thing. He won’t join. He’s happy doing his own thing at the mo – eating better at home with me, cutting back a bit, going to the gym. And it’s working for him too, so why not. It’d be nice to have him there to share the experience. And also have him thinking the same way I am having to. But I understand why it’s not his thing right now. Even though there are a few men who go along regularly.  But giving up beer would be a big deal for him. It’s not quite as bad for me, as I can drink other things. But he doesn’t really do spirits, and wine isn’t a very good pub drink.

I’ve been drinking too much wine, avoiding vodka because I get bored of the diet coke. But wine makes me so much more drunk and sick feeling. It’s something I enjoy with dinner, or maybe on a night watching a film. But a night in the pub gets quickly out of hand if you are on wine.  I need to alternate with soft drinks.  In any case, I decided today to give up wine for Lent in an effort to wean myself back onto vodka, or soft drinks.  Less syns in vodka. Just wish it were easier to get other diet soft drinks in pubs.

As I sit here now I’m drinking a mix of redbush and jasmine teas – I aim to clear out my drinks cupboard which is full of all sorts of strange teas. And then I will develop a habit of buying tea from the lovely Hebden Tea shop. Which is where I got the idea of mixing these two. Don’t like redbush on its own, but like jasmine. They had a house blend they were offering tasters of which was redbush, jasmine and exotic fruits. It was lovely and refreshing.

Anyway. You are not here (if you are here at all) to hear me wittering about tea. The scores on the doors godamnit!

Weight gain last week: 0.5lbs

Weight loss this week: 2lbs

Cumulative weight loss so far: 11lbs

Pounds to go to first target: 18 (but only 3lbs to go to 1stone!)



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