Dietblog – Weigh in no.10

Wasn’t expecting much this week – a bit of a lacklustre seven days if ever there was one. Can’t find the energy to eat much.  The week was put on a bad footing by an early train to London last Thursday. I think I managed cereal and a banana for breakfast. Then taxi at 6.10, train before the coffee shop opened – quick change onto the London train in Leeds. Got a coffee and kit kat from the trolley.  On reaching London, tube to Westminster, then meeting at BIS. Very interesting meeting, but as with all meetings lunch consisted of sarnies sarnies and more sarnies. I realised the other day that I could request something else. I’m quite used to seeing people getting salads or whatever due to their gluten intolerance, or allergies. I could request something without bread or dairy which would prob end up being diet friendly.  Left useful meeting slightly early and did a dash back to Kings Cross just in time for the train (so no time to pick up food). So Dinner would have to be train fare – which at best is more sarnies. As it was, by the time the trolley got to me I was left thinking that a bag of Quavers and a twix was the least worst option.  I did count the syns, but whaddyagonnado? I finally got back to Hebden at nearly 9pm, ready to collapse in a heap, and my lovely boyfriend opened the door with a glass of wine for me.  I hadn’t got round to telling him about the Lent thing. Oh well.  Luckily I threw the second glass all over myself.  It was a long day. And one which ended in misery and disappointment, which I will write about another time over on Pandoras Pages.

Other than that dismal begining, how have I done?  Not bad I suppose. Went out on Friday night, but ate good stuff, and didn’t drink that much (relatively speaking). Saturday was frenzied tidying – Sunday we went for a nice long walk with my Mum down through Nutclough Woods, on to Hardcastle Crags, Gibson Mill, back via the Blue Pig and Salem Fields. Gorgeous day.  Sadly it ended more drunkenly than planned when neighbour appeared in the pub just as we were about to leave. So we stayed on and I ended up being sick as a dog when I got in.  (Less syns there I guess! :-()

The rest of the week has been a non event. My spinning brain has got worse, but I did make it to the gym on Tuesday.  Still – I was pleasantly surprised not to have re-gained all previous losses.

Weight loss last week: 2lbs

Weight loss this week: 0.5lbs

Cumulative weight loss so far: 11.5lbs

Pounds to go to first target: 17.5 (but only 2.5lbs to go to 1 stone!)


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