Dietblog – weigh in no.11

Pah. jinxed myself. I really shouldn’t weigh myself at home. So I either got complacent or whatever and the weight I had the other morning was certainly not the weight on the scales tonight.  Another excessively boozy weekend though. Activity levels are good, eating not so bad (though massive chocolate cravings this week). Need to focus!

Maybe I’ll have a go at red / green plans for a bit, see what happens. But most of all a couple of weeks off the vino collapso would do me good. Shame I just got 2 crates of the bloody stuff delivered.

Plenty of walking at the weekend to come at least. Maybe this is the government’s new anti-obesity campaign? Piss everyone off enough that they start marching the weight off?

Weight loss last week: 0.5lbs

Weight gain this week: 0.5lbs

Cumulative weight loss so far: 11lbs

Pounds to go to first target: 18 (but only 3lbs to go to 1 stone!)


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