Dietblog – the weigh in that wasn’t

Was naughty this week. Didn’t go to Slimming World on Wednesday. I did have a reason, in that I was going to London at 6am the following day and just couldn’t face getting in at 9pm the night before and then having to get everything together.  But in reality that was probably a reason latched onto with glee as I didn’t want to go and see whatever havoc I had caused with my previous week’s shenanigans.

I treated myself to Fish and Chips.  This in and of itself was not a bad thing really. I can do that – save up the syns and have something “naughty” occasionally.  I hadn’t had any for 3 months. But following it up with a chinese takeaway on the Friday night wasn’t a good idea. Even though I was staying over at my mum’s and therefore near my favourite takeaway for the first time in months too.  I can’t even claim I chose the most diet-friendly dishes.  Saturday I went on the March for the Alternative in London. Which meant taking sandwiches. Sandwiches are not very Slimming World friendly. At least my snacks were – fruit and alpen light bars, snack a jacks.  But on the way back, all sandwiches spent, we stopped for a monster Burger King.  *hangs head in shame*.

Since then, there has been an indian meal. And another chinese. These however were chosen sensibly. But that Thursday in London was also crap – sandwich lunches again, and crap on the train back. (I didn’t get a burger king this time. But while the croissant with ham and chese may have somehow felt a better choice, I’m not sure it was. At least a Whopper has salad on it!)

And my intentions of “not drinking till we go to York” went a wee bit tits up last night as one glass to perk me up turned into god knows how many.

So. Fell of the waggon and waved as it rolled away.

I will go next week however.  So damage limitation until then is in effect.  Going to parentals for Mother’s Day – but this isn’t too bad these days as they’re generally trying not to drink as much themselves. And i’m off for a walk around Roundhay Park in the morning with mum. I don’t hold out much hope for actual weightloss on wednesday but you never know. I have been walking and going to the gym a lot. Fitter if not any less fat.

Now. Forgive me if I go and don my hair shirt and flagellate myself for my syns.


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