Dietblog – after a brief pause

Well. The last few weeks have not really been diet focussed.  Not to say I have pigged out,  but there have been more than a few rushed sandwiches, or eating out, or drowning of sorrow moments. So not overly surprised to have gained – but am disappointed. Sigh.  I have been pretty good on the exercise front.

Anyway. Regroup, start over.  I’ve been getting work stuff back in order, time to sort out my life.

Was nice to go back to group – though it continues to frustrate me that i’m so incapable of chatting with people. I’m sure I’d find it more helpful if I knew people, if I had people to share “the journey” with.  It’ll come no doubt.  Meanwhile, there are some really good looking recipes in the new magazine. I just cooked the singapore vermicelli (slightly ammended due to fridge content.)  and it was very tasty.  I intend to steer clear of the booze for a while. I’ve not had much really over this past week, but I feel bloated and tired. So my plan for this next week – is to plan more. I have slipped out of the habit – so I need to look at what I’ve got in, what I need to buy, and build in some good meals.  Stop being lazy.  I had a good plan for nommable lunches. I’m a bit crap at packed lunch – but something like a bit of chicken, some boiled eggs, potatoes, raw carrot, celery, cucumber, radishes – things I can just pick up and crunch on. (not the eggs – I plan to peel them first!) And then I can graze throughout the day, which is more my style really.  The revised guidance on eggs and cholesterol has been good news, because I like eggs, and they’re filling, so it’s nice not to have to limit them right down.  I don’t know if my cholesterol is still high, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.  So eggs and prawns a go-go.

It’s not like I’m lacking inspiration – some amazing weightlosses around, at work, in the group. The young lad has lost five stone now, just had his hair cut and looks completely different.  It’d be nice to go back with some real progress.

Weight gain over past 3 weeks: 4lbs

Cumulative weight loss so far: 9lbs

Pounds to go to first target: 22 


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