Dietblog – recovery

Quick one this week, am in middle of another post about library things.

After last week’s disappointment, wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I have tried to be better. Haven’t drunk as much – managed to arrange things to do this weekend which while not completely sober, were not entirely about going to the pub. Always helps to have alternatives. We went to see the Alpacas at Ribbon Circus before their annual haircut. Silly creatures. Very cute, with enormous eyes and a strange little noise. Then we went to the gym before wandering to Todmorden to pick up veggies at the market.  Sunday we went to Wainsgate chapel to see Mad Agnes in concert – which was lovely, a nice walk there and back in the wind, and then a delicious roast duck dinner (mushy peas, yum.)

So, my reward:

Weight gain last week: 4lbs

Weight loss this week: 3.5lbs

Overall weight loss: 13lbs

1lb to 1 stone – 15lbs to first target.

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