Dietblog 14

A small gain this week, but I can live with that. I haven’t been terrible, but it was another bank holiday weekend, so there was probably more than the usual drinky goodness flowing. Plus it was the end of the month, and as I get a monthly shop from Ocado, each meal was becoming more and more of a ready-steady-cook type experience as time went on.  Friday night we stayed out too late and got a takeaway. And even though I choose better these days, and didn’t get seventeen starters and half a pig – still wasn’t a well behaved evening. And I got my just desserts on Saturday morning when I weighed myself and it looked like I’d put on 9lbs. Nine. In three days. I was also pre-menstrual and generally miserable due to missing my dose the night before, so cue one major league emotional meltdown and expressions of utter failure and worthlessness.

But I sucked it up and tried to be a bit better, and went to the gym, and walked, and lo, 9lbs did turn into a 1/2lb gain when I stood on the scales on D-Day.  Not so bad. But I’ve a fully stocked fridge now, and not a lot of money to spend, so no reason not to see something good next week.

Though I won’t be able to go next Wednesday – Mum’s 60th birthday. And of course we’re going out for a meal, so all the more reasons to be really really good in the run up. I get really annoyed with myself. 14 weeks. Could have lost 2 stone by now theoretically. Though my body’s response to food and exercise has seldom followed any predictable theory.

Weight loss last week: 3.5lbs

Weight gain this week: 0.5lbs

Overall weight loss: 12.5lbs

1.5lb to 1 stone – 15.5lbs to first target.

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