Some wedding thoughts…

My brain is really not my friend some times.  A holiday is meant to chill you out, right? So why was I all happy jolly before I went and as soon as I get back I am back to lying awake at night and getting stressed at the cost and complication of all this wedding malarky. Tsk. Bad brain.

Calm down. We’ve got a good long while to get things sorted. Dress isn’t even an issue for at least a year to give me some time to shrink in the wash.  So the venue isn’t going to be as easy to pick as I might have hoped, never mind. We have to start going to look at the different options and see if any really grab us.

Last night I really freaked myself out by trying to figure out how much it all would cost. Sheesh. But then I think  to myself that I’ve got caught up looking at all the venues and their traditional arrangements – and this massive spiralling guest list. What did I say to myself at the begining of this? I want something nice and special which says something about me and him and us.  That doesn’t necessarily mean a three course wedding breakfast followed by dancing and later buffet.  Not to say that I haven’t enjoyed that when I’ve been to weddings. What exactly would I like? Do I have any ideas?

Have to say – for the evening do I’d love a chinese buffet of assorted dim sum and startery stuff. But that’s just my taste, so to cater for others, maybe some pizza and chips, indian things, pie and peas…  However I’m not sure how feasible that would be.

I’ve really liked sit down thingummys where it’s like a hot buffet affair – each table goes to get stuff as they like. What’s on the menu in my head? Not sure. This is the difficult bit. Because I love to cook, and am a bit of a Jewish Mother (albeit not Jewish) in that I want a big pot of stuff and a cake ready for anyone to eat when they drop by – I would have loved to have been able to do this myself somehow.  But unless I become an organisational genius between now and then, I am prepared to accept it may not be totally feasible. If it were – if I could clone myself and one of me go faff at the venue, one of me preen and relax, one of me cook – before magically merging into one being…

I still like the idea of big pots.  Soup, Chilli, Jambalaya, Stew, Pasta, Salad, Goulash, Paella. Not very weddingy maybe? Asking to go all down the dress – definitely. Maybe a PVC wedding dress is the way to go 😉

I do have some fairly good ideas coming through about how I want the place to look in the evening. I’m thinking a kind of cross between an opium den and a library…  Lanterns, oil lamps, books…  Lots of red. Which kind of conflicts with my thoughts for the actual wedding which is more Midsummer Night’s Dream, woodland, faerie, nature – greens and lilacs… So – two dresses? Lol. Plus the PVC bib dress. I’ll have more costume changes than a host at the Oscars.


3 thoughts on “Some wedding thoughts…

  1. In your favour you are in Hebden Bridge a place where tradition is questioned. I invited clog dancers to my wedding at the blue pig a lifetime ago. Do what you both fancy and everyone be hanged. Save where you can and invest in your life together.

  2. I like the idea of big pots of stuff. Marquees are always cool but there’s no way we could rely on the weather for one. i had a thought though, for something that says something about us. Instead of, or as well as a champagne reception how about everyone gets a free shot of Goldschlager at some point? Or those that want it at any rate. That says something about us. I like wedding bus idea. Also, since we’re library geeks how about we leave a couple of pages of paper on each table and people can write advice, tips, do’s and don’ts and best wishes to us which you can later bind in to a book? Anyway, getting a four slice toaster as part of the gifts is what it’s all about surely. Poetry has been a big part of our lives, that should be incorporated somewhere, vows maybe but i’m not sure i could read a poem in front of all those people. Also, as well as a photographer i wonder if we could pay one of the local artists to make a sketch of the ocassion or something? Spiralling costs i know but i’m just thinking out loud, which is probably just as well cos someone else is typing.

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