Saturday – Waterhead, rowing

Saturday, we had a hearty breakfast of lovely bacon and sausages from the butchers over the road. How nice to have something so close at hand – I wish I could just shop day by day like that.

Rowing on Windermere
Rowing on Windermere

We walked down to Waterhead, and hired a boat for an hours rowing. Which is to say, Helen and I sat, Mark and Jamie rowed, with varying success. Difficult stuff, co-ordination. I can see why those cox’s (or whatever the plural is) are worth their weight.  We had some grub over at the Youth Hostel, which seemed a lovely place. What exactly are the criteria for joining the YHA? Apparently anyone can – which is cool. I stayed in hostels in Ireland when I went just before my 18th birthday many years ago. Not luxury maybe but certainly sufficient. And I think they’ve got better since then. Food certainly good value, and tasty.

In the evening, I cooked us a “Cumberland Curry” (apparently), nice local beef, but put too much liquid in. After dinner, we played scrabble, and then watched Tim Minchin’s comedy prom, which was brilliant, although seriously lacking in Bill Bailey.


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