Venue visits – Hebden Bridge Town Hall

Last weekend it was Heritage Open Day weekend, which was kind of handy because one of our possible venues put on nice guided tours for people, so we went and had a look.

Hebden Bridge Town Hall isn’t an elaborate building, it’s nice – but not imposing like the town halls of other places I’ve lived. The council chamber is licensed for wedding ceremonies. It’s nice – wood panelled walls, Victorian oak and leather tables, cool throney chair with the packhorse bridge carved into it.  It’s a small room – probably wouldn’t fit more than 30/40 comfortably.

As it stands, that’ s it.  And I’m not so fond of the place that I’d go there for a slimmed down ceremony and then schlep off somewhere else for the reception. If I’m having separate venues then I’d probably go for somewhere else.  However.  Conveniently, they are just getting going with a big extension project, which we also got a tour of – which will expand the Town Hall into a community space, including large hall for meetings and events (such as weddings) – which will be ready Spring next year. Well in advance of July 2013 which is our pencilled in date.  At first I didn’t think it would be big enough, but apparently it will seat 150 guests for dinner, which is more than enough.

M likes it. I do too, I guess.  Though I’m obviously not wild about it or I’d be feeling less “meh”. But I’m kind of feeling that about everything at the moment. Only thing for it is to visit different ones and think about pro’s and cons. So here goes:

Pros –

  • In Hebden, will have a brand new balcony and drinks terrace overlooking the river if it is a nice day.
  • Near the bridge, in the centre of the town we love.
  • Ducks (and ducklings maybe?)
  • Kitchen facilities, fairly loose catering arrangements from what I can tell, so some flex in what we can have, i.e. local produce & ales, slightly offbeat menu maybe
  • Big space should anywhere near the numbers on the potential guest list actually threaten to come.
  • Single venue – no need for transport costs


  • Small ceremony room
  • Not sure how to describe it, but officey / town hall environment? It’s not like a really dreary ugly place – but the nature of it (no aisle etc) will definitely have an impact on decsions of style / dress etc.
  • In Hebden – good, but part of me wants some aspect up on the hills where I live, with the big skies, or in the woods. Will again, impact on theme and feel. Less faery queen in her bower, more victorian vampire steampunk. [ok – sounds more dramatic than it looks in my head.]
  • Single venue – no need for transport! no wedding bus, fancy car or horse and carriage…
  • Parking in Hebden is shitty – especially Saturdays in mid summer.
  • Have to sort accomodation out (which will be the case anyway unless we go with one of the hotel venues)

[as an aside, pros and cons sounds like an amusing theme, a version of vicars and tarts? fishnet stockings, stripey t-shirts and swag bags]


2 thoughts on “Venue visits – Hebden Bridge Town Hall

  1. Just to let you know the ceremony will be able to be held in the new Waterfront room and can be set up however you want it with aisle and all! You would be able to choose between the fantastic new hall and the “officey” listed council chambers.

    Hope that helps

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