Delta waves

She struggles to wake.
Her dreams sucking her back
like quicksand..
Sirens in the deep
pulling her back under-
stay a while longer
in our arms.
Just a little longer,
– long enough.

She’s sure one day
they’ll take her.
Keep her long enough.
And she will not be able
To return.
To wake.
To see the sun,
And hear the chatter
of the morning birds.

They will keep her
and, laughing-
And all will be
black, and dreamless.
Sleep for evermore.

Gum arabic eyes,
Mouth claggy with night.
She stretches a limb
and sinews scream,
set hard and stagnant,
They refuse.
One eye open.
Then closed again.
Someone has stitched
magnets underneath
her skin.
She must reverse polarity.

There’s the rub.
The other end of day
when she fizzes
with bright,
Her mind will sing
And think it were not night.

But in the hollow morn
she sticks.
Her bed a tar pit.
Promising extinction.

Which in these pitch black
moments – she could welcome.

But this time she fights.
And though slow and lumbering
the behemoth awakes,
and at clockwork pace,
Winds up, and slowly comes alive.


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