2014 Bring it on

After that little bit of navel gazing – much abridged of course, the time comes for looking forward and asking what we want of the year to come. I can’t ask for it to be a better year than last. Ain’t going to be getting married again. And it isn’t going to be as much fun, because we’re going to have to reign in on the drinking, the eating, the spending. Ho hum. But then I say that every year don’t I.

1. Health
We both want to lose weight and get healthier. So – cutting out booze for a few months, then being a whole lot more sensible. Back to the predominantly veggie diet with occasional treats. More exercise. – for me, walking and swimming to begin with. Maybe I’ll go back to the gym at some point but with my dicky shoulder I think some strengthening is needed first. Goal – to be fitter, and smaller by this time next year.

2. Debt
The wedding, and christmas, have not been my pocket’s friend. So I am going to work out a repayment plan before I go back to work – I have to do my tax return too so it’s a good time to get all my papers in order. Goal: to be less in debt this time next year.

3. Write
Finish the book – and get into finished format by end of year

4. Art
Paint & draw more.

5. Business – Roses and health
Be more active in promoting Rose Tinted Ribbons, and think about how I can take MHFA out of work.

6. Home
Keep decluttering. Make upstairs as clear as downstairs. Put up shelves. Get new shed.

7. Mind
Keep practising mindfulness. Using beats to help sleep. Be kind to myself. Enjoy life. Be honest about my own basic needs.

8. Relationships
Break unhealthy routines and build new, positive ones to keep our marriage healthy.


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