From a distance, she is so beautiful.
So serene, so calm.
Wrapped round with wisps of white
Glistening In the sun
The great blue green goddess
Our mother, our home.
Who brings us life, or
Takes it,
With her indifferent emotions.
Her catastrophic ways.

And yet we make a paradise a hell.
Come close and hear the weeping
And the screams.
The crash and blast and whistle of
Our wars. Large and small.
The solitary struggles and the global strife.
Hear the sobbing of the hungry,
The cold, the afraid.
Hear the laughter of the blind,
The clink of coin and gush of oil and blood.
Close the door, the blinds. Draw the curtains and
Do not, whatever you do, read the news.

But still the chaos reaches in.
Our hearts and broken
Our bodies strained.
For sixty years the grind
We pay the piper for our way
And when he is done with us
Time takes its toll.
What is life for?
For work? For money? For fear?

We have not cracked the code.
We do not understand.
Life is for love, for living,
Not for power, wealth, or land.


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