Changing voices

Is it just me that finds it strange, when I go back to read something I wrote years ago – that the voice sounds like someone different. We change – we all change of course through life, but reading words I wrote only a few years ago, just feel like reading someone else’s thoughts.  Old essays – amaze me as I actually sound like I know what I’m talking about. (All this prompted because someone had looked at my “Who am I?” page – which sent me to remind myself who I’d said I was.

I was obviously in a bit of a tiz about what I can / can’t say online as a civil servant. Still something that infuriates me – but I am so exasperated with politics and the world in general these days that I try not to think about it. It’s not good for my mental health to rage against things. I will leave that to my husband.  And lets face it, I don’t actually blog that much any more. A few poems here and there. I have a new blog specifically for library related things, as I am doing my chartership. If you are interested you can find it at – though I’m finding it hard to write even there. So bloody busy this year.

So anyway. I think my “who am I?” needs an update. And a better editor.


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