Who was I?

[Note – I’m writing a new introduction to myself, but want to keep this for reference. Strange to look back at how you choose to describe yourself – and how that changes, over time.]

If you’ve found yourself here and are wondering who is wittering at you then let me say a few words about myself.

This blog is to be the successor to the blog I have had at blog-city for eight years, Pandora’s Blog. Sadly, there’s already a Pandora’s Blog on WordPress. So a name change was in order. And seeing as my main Twitter ID is TwistedWillow, I figured she deserved a place of her own now.  Avatars are odd things. Each of mine I think has a different personality, so maybe Twisted Willow’s blog will be different from Pandora’s.  The person setting them up is quite different from the one who started a blog-city account all those years ago during a difficult time, to have some way of expressing her demons.

I try to keep my demons in check these days. Not always successfully but I hope I don’t let them spill onto the page in their unreconstructed splendour too often.

So – I’m a 34 year old Librarian living in Hebden Bridge, working in Leeds.  I work for a government department – which makes me a civil servant (somehow I didn’t realise that on applying for the job).  There are rules about being politically impartial if you are a civil servant. Let me clarify – for lower grades (like me) – this doesn’t mean we aren’t allowed to express our political opinions in public.  Senior Civil Servants have more restrictions placed on them. I carry out my daily job with complete impartiality – and I believe it is incredibly important to do so – the impartial civil service is a huge benefit to this country in trying to advise the elected government on different options of how to govern the country. No politician knows everything he or she needs to know to make the decisions they are required to make. The Civil Service is able to build up expertise and know-how, which it shares with whoever the electorate chooses. The elected then get to make relatively informed decisions, rather than doing things off the top of their heads. If they didn’t trust the impartiality of the service, it wouldn’t work.  (That’s not to say it works all the time, but that’s another issue).

So. I don’t think I’m risking my job too much if I decide to express my dismay at the way David, Nick, George, Tony, Maggie, whoever, decide to do things. I’m a person. I have a vote, and a voice.  That being said I still try not to rant too much. It’s unproductive.

The above should make it clear that any opinions I express here are my own, and not necessarily, indeed quite probably not, those of my employer.  I don’t think I know any state secrets to leak, but if I did, I would make my best efforts not to do so.

If you haven’t noticed already – I have a serious case of verbal diarroeah. Why say something in 3 words when you can say it in 103?  Sorry.

Other things. I suffer from depression. I am overweight. I have cats (sound like a catch don’t I? – sorry, taken at the moment). I’m a bit of a lefty. Bisexual. Mad on books – making, writing, indexing, abstracting, cataloguing, selling, loaning them.  Oh, and buying them, obviously. And reading them! Nearly forgot that bit.  I paint. I walk. I write poems – sometimes, though that muse hasn’t been with me for a while. I’m mad on all things Internet / web 2.  I did English Literature at uni, followed by Information Studies MSc. I drink too much, but am trying to cut down. I love to cook and bake, but am on a diet – so trying to convert recipes into low fat versions that work is a current mission of mine.

I moved to Hebden Bridge three years ago after a difficult break up, and it was possibly the best thing I’ve ever done. The move, not the break up. That was horrible.  But life moves ever onwards, things fall apart, entropy increases.  If you’re going to pick everything up and start again, Hebden is a pretty good place to do it. But I’m quite shy, so getting to know people is a slow process.  My other half helps, as he’s a bit more outgoing than I. Plus he’s distinctive, so people remember him.

To be honest, the picking up and starting again would have probably got a lot further had I been able to move jobs too. But that hasn’t proved possible yet. I’d love to work in Hebden, or at least somewhere in Calderdale. It’s the most beautiful place in the world, (to me) – and my spirit lifts when the train comes out of the tunnel into Halifax.

Anyway. There’s a few bits and pieces about me. If you’re interested.


2 thoughts on “Who was I?

  1. hello and thankyou for looking at my blog today hope you enjoyed it if you hit the rss link at top of home page you will find loads of poems under tags ive read your blog before it was very nice and remembered you when i clicked on youres today thanks for looking again. take care from kevin.

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