One Thousand Things – have you got £3?

Garage sale sign by Eastlake Times on Flickr
Photo by Eastlake Times on FlickrCreative Commons License

Ok. Here’s the deal. I’m getting on. I’m no spring chicken any more. And while I’m by no means a failure in life, I’ve made plenty of mistakes. I’m great with other people’s money, I budget really well at work. But my own finances are a different matter. Since student loans overwrote the “never a borrower or lender be” mantra of my upbringing, I’ve never quite managed to break the cycle. And now I am not sure how, because I can’t escape the interest, or consolidate, so I’m stuck servicing something that never goes down.

I can afford it, don’t get me wrong. I’m not going bankrupt, yet. But it’s crappy to be in a situation where the best thing that could happen for your finances is that you get made redundant.  (Yes, in the short term, I know.)

It has crossed my mind more than once that if every one of my twitter followers gave me £3, I would be out of debt and on the way to putting my life together. [edit… £3? did I say £3? Hah. £30 more like. Maybe thats why i’m in such shit!] But I don’t believe in something for nothing. Not in this context. So, I wondered to myself, what could I give people that was worth £3?  And the answer is all sorts. My house is a treasure trove, an alladin’s cave. Books, cds, nick-nacks, jewellery, art, drawings, stories, roses, Most definitely worth £3 I think, much worth more. And it became an interesting idea. Like a bran tub, a mystery prize – who knows what you will get? A handmade book, a booker prize winner, a recipe for an amazing curry, a cd, a brooch, a poem, a feather, a tooth?

Maybe it’s just me, but I quite liked the idea of a surprise out of nowhere. So yes, while it would be great if the idea did save all my woes, i’m kind of more interested in it as a project now. Not necessarily my twitter followers. I’m fairly certain a lot of them are bots, or spam… I don’t say anything much interesting to deserve attention. But if you happened across this post, and happened to like the idea of buying a mystery, drop £3 in my paypal account ( with your address, and I’ll send you something random. I don’t really expect anyone to do this, but it would be fun if you did. Hell, the postage will probably offset it anyway, but an interesting way to declutter.  If you like, you can comment and say the kind of thing you would like. I will send you the story of the thing, it’s provenance, and something interesting about it. And, I’ll keep a log of the things I send – why not comment when you receive something? Tell me how great / rubbish / amazing / boring it is.

Some suggestions:

* Book
* Ornament
* A poem or story by me
* A family recipe
* Something weird
* A piece of art by me
* A hand sewn rose
* A handmade book
* A letter
* A pretty pebble
* A mystery thing
* Jewellery (ok, no diamonds…)

And meanwhile I will try to get on track through other ventures too. Who knows, you may be interested in them too.

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