Mr Harvison’s, Ambleside (Friday)

And it suddenly dawns on my that I didn’t take any photos of the cottage. Pah. Well, house. Not really a cottage.

Anyway – just got back from a week in the lakes with OH, @librarywench22 and Jimbob.  Another friend had been meant to be joining us, but, as seems to be the way with all “group of friends in a cottage in the Lakes type holidays planned by me” – some issues got in the way so it was just us four.  Which in the end was probably best. Had there been another two people to join us that would have been fine – but I wouldn’t have wanted someone to feel gooseberry-like.

We stayed at Mr Harvison’s – a lovely three storey town house in the centre of Ambleside, near the Unicorn and the Golden Rule pubs – and the rock shop place. Gorgeously done out – wood and slate floors downstairs, then hessian type carpetting throughout. Three bedrooms – two double and en-suite, one twin – a small second sitting room leading out on to the back terrace, main bathroom with deep stand alone bath which I never got round to using, despite spending a fortune on some fancy bath bubbles.

Kitchen opened on to the living area, which had a coal fire, leather sofas, digital tv, ipod dock. Very well stocked kitchen but annoyingly electric stove. Grr. I hate electric ovens. So bloody slow!

I have a great fondness for Windermere, and Ambleside – having spent many weekends there with my parents when I was younger. They had a bright yellow speed-boat and went waterskiing a lot, until just about the time I was old enough to join in, and then they stopped going. I blame them for my lack of international waterski champion fame.

Wateredge inn, Waterhead, from Lake Windermere
Wateredge inn, Waterhead, from Lake Windermere

That being said – I don’t suppose I remember much about Ambleside back then. I remember Waterhead, and the little bay we used to base ourself in while skiing. I remember a few of the pubs where we’d eat, the B&B or caravan sites we stayed in. Later years I’ve been back with my parents, in about 1997, in 1998 with Jimbob – was kind of amazed to realise that was that long ago. But a lot of water under the bridge since then.  So it’s always interesting to see what’s the same, and what has changed.

The journey began with H&J picking us up in the co-op car park in Hebden, a masterpiece of jigsawry to get everything into his poor litte car. *time passes* after a fairly smooth journey we picked keys up in Windermere, had a swift beverage and then went on to Ambleside to get settled in.  We found the place reasonably easily (note to people if you ever stay there, it’s just near the butchers, otherwise you have to reverse back up or go round again to stop and unpack.)

Quick unpacking followed by heading out to get supplies, and had a couple of drinks (I think in the Royal Oak, then White Lion – or vice versa). We had dinner at Lucy 4’s – which has changed a little since I went the first time in 1998. We had wanted to try and go to the main Lucy’s restaurant maybe on the last night – though there were other nice looking places that were also contenders. The food was good – kind of large tapas. And I liked the fact that you could get any wine by the glass rather than bottle. (You often just get the option of two or three of the most popular, leaving the majority of a wine menu out of bounds if you have no one to share with or just can’t face a bottle – or its price.)